The Clashes That Makes You Better

The Clashes That Makes You Better

At the rehearsal dinner for our wedding a bunch of people in the wedding party got up and shared stories about Emily and me. Nearly every guy who said something about me mentioned a major conflict or fight we had been in.

One of those guys was on my Summit Leaders Yosemite trip last week. We had lots of time to reminisce. We realized that we’ve been friends for nearly twenty years! There were times early on that I would have never imagined we’d be friends that long. We both made each other so angry, but we both grew together through it.

It got me thinking about a verse in Proverbs: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

I’m guessing there are some folks in your life that you tend to clash with. When you get together it sounds like a battle of crowbars. It’s tempting to just walk away from those relationships. Sometimes it’s good to put some distance between you and those people. But, if they are generally people of good will toward you, I’d encourage you to stick it out.

If there is no one in your life with whom you have some disagreements or clashes from time to time then maybe you need to branch out a little. Make some friends with people you don’t agree with. We grow sharper when we work through conflict together.

Have the courage to embrace the discomfort of those iron-on-iron relationships in your life. You’ll come out stronger and better for it. The person you are struggling with now might just end up becoming a lifelong ally and friend.