There is No Such Thing as The Perfect Time

There is No Such Thing as The Perfect Time

I’ve led about forty hiking teams over the past few years and I’ve learned that it’s always wise to go hike every square inch of a trail before I take a team there. So this week I’m heading to the mountains with some friends to scout out a new Summit Leaders trip (more details soon.) The weather was supposed to be perfect. But this morning I looked at the forecast and it’s showing snow and freezing temperatures. I don’t like cold!

I was complaining to Emily today, wondering if I should call off the trip until we are guaranteed better weather. But I was reminded of something King Solomon said:

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. (Ecc. 11:4)

I work with lots of people with big hopes and dreams and I tell them, “You just have to start. There will never be a perfect time.” That’s what I think Solomon was saying in that verse. If you look around there will always be a reason to put off doing something in your heart. Once the kids get older. Once we’ve got a little more money saved. Once I’m a little more stable in my career.

I’ve found that the people who God uses to do amazing things have chosen to just step out and face whatever weather may come. Sure, they may have to hike through some snow, but at least they are seeing forward movement. Everyone else is sitting around waiting for a time that will never come.

Be courageous and step out. Start the journey even if things aren’t perfect. There’s no better time than today to take the first step toward your dream.

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. – Basil King