This Book May Be the End of Me

This Book May Be the End of Me

Tomorrow I’m releasing a new book I wrote into the wild. It’s a book about how to look back at your personal life story and search for the meaning in all that has happened.

I’ve decided to just give the book away. This is terrifying for me. Not because there won’t be any money in it (never get into writing for money, by the way, there is none). It’s terrifying because I can’t think of anything more humiliating than writing a book, making it free, and nobody wanting it.

I’ve launched a bunch of new things in the past, so you’d think I’d be over this. But I’m not. I have to constantly remind myself that anything of value that you do in life comes with some risk. It may fail. It may end up making you look like a fool.

There’s a story in 1 Samuel 14 where Jonathan, Saul’s son, concocts a rather insane plan to attack an entire army pretty much by himself. He tells his armor-bearer, “Let’s do this, perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.”

You never know how a new plan will go down until you just step out and try it. Always do your best to control what you can. But there will always be things you can’t control. You have to leave the outcome to God. Maybe he’ll come through like you want, maybe he won’t.

I’m pretty convinced that the biggest win isn’t so much whether your plan succeeds (though that feels really good). The big win is you growing in the process of being courageous. There is no such thing as failure if you decide that no matter what happens, you will learn and it will be for your good.

Be brave. Step out and take the risk. Who knows what might happen. It might be the end of you, though I doubt it. Or it might just be the beginning of something amazing!

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