My Father’s Horrible Example

My Father’s Horrible Example

The older I get the more I realize just how much my parents impacted who I am today. No matter how much we want to ignore it, we have all been way more influenced by our parents than we realize. I’m no exception.

I’m a very driven person. As hard as I try to calm down I just can’t. I’m always starting new things. My mind loves strategy and planning. I’ve read hundreds of books about leadership and how to make massive impact. I wish I could totally commit to those strategies and just go full-force. But this is where the problem with my dad comes in.

You see, I really want to believe those strategies for massive impact work. And for the most part I know they do. But growing up around my dad has messed up my view on strategy and planning. He’s a horrible example.

When I was sixteen, I watched my dad step out in an act of faith and start a mission agency. He didn’t want to do it. He had started something before and it was miserable for our family. It failed. He was quite content just minding his own business, working for another organization. But he really felt God was calling him to do it – so he did. He had no real plan other than making it easy for anyone to go on the mission field.

Honestly, dad is one of the least “strategic” leaders I’ve ever seen. He seems to have no plan most of the time. His only real goal is to do his best to obey whatever God asks of him.

But in that area he is a stellar example.

So much so that the mission agency he started has grown to over 690 missionaries in 53 countries. The organization is exploding with growth while others are struggling. It all started because he obeyed God’s call to make it easy for people to go on the mission field. He’s stuck to that goal ever since.

My dad has taught me that no strategy can take you further in life than simply listening to God and doing whatever he asks of you. If you’ll follow that strategy you’ll go further than you could ever dream!

That said, I want to encourage you to check out my dad’s new book. It’s the story of his simple act of obedience – his strategy-less strategy. Dad is crazy enough to believe that God can use anyone. In the book he tells the story of how God did just that in his life. (He also tells some crazy stories from his life and travels). You’ll be inspired and encouraged as you see how God can use you to do amazing things for his glory and your fulfillment and joy!

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