When Your Options Seem Limited

When Your Options Seem Limited

A few weeks ago my brother was at our house and I asked him, “What would you do if all your businesses failed and you had to get a traditional job?” I was asking, because I often wonder what I would do if everything I was doing flopped. He said, “I’d find a need and start another business.” That answer inspired me because when things get hard or challenging I tend to throw up my hands and surrender. Jonathan doesn’t. He looks for the opportunity in the challenge.

That’s the kind of boundless optimism that has led my brother to tons of success. Jonathan always has a way of figuring out what people need and finding creative ways to help them. A few years back I laughed when he started a blog about church stage design ideas. Who needs that? He got the last laugh all the way to the bank and onto the computers of 400,000 plus people per month. That’s been the story with pretty much everything he touches.

Jonathan always challenges me to think about things differently. He’s convinced that if it seems like there are only two options you aren’t being creative enough. He lives that way, always coming up with unique ways to live and succeed.

That’s why I’m so glad that he put all his wacky, creative thinking into a book that he just published. It’s called The Hidden Option. In the book he talks about how God is creative and he wants us to be creative in facing life’s challenges. When we can tap into God’s creativity it allows us to come up with solutions that are quite literally divine.

At some point in life we all face difficult choices. We come to two options that both seem bad. Jonathan has convinced me that those challenging choices are our chance to tap into the creativity that God has made available to all of us. And yes, believe it or not, you are creative. You are created in God’s image so that comes with the package!

I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of Jonathan’s book. It’ll help you look at life from a new, more creative perspective.

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