This is What Fighting Back Looks Like

This is What Fighting Back Looks Like

A friend of mine and his wife are in the process of adopting a child who is currently in a pretty dire situation. He’s been sharing his frustration as his family faces challenge after challenge in the process. At times it seems like it might just be impossible. But he is determined he is going to continue the fight because his family knows they are called to adopt this child.

I was praying for him recently and the thought that came to mind was: Of course, he’s facing challenges. He’s fighting for the destiny of a child.

Sure, on the surface it looks like he’s fighting government red-tape. But I’m convinced it’s more than just that. Whenever you set out to change anything for good you’d better expect pushback from the forces of darkness. In fact, if you are trying to do something good and don’t get any pushback you might want to start to question your cause.

You’ll face pushback when you try to change the life of a child for the better.
You’ll face pushback when you decide to stop living in dysfunction and become all you are made to be.
You’ll face pushback when you confront bad mindsets.
You’ll face pushback when you decide to change the destiny of your family.
You’ll face pushback when you decide to forgive and move beyond your past.

Anytime you confront evil you’d better expect a fight. It’s part of the territory.

Fortunately, you can hang your hat on the promise that in Christ: No weapon that is formed against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord. (Is. 54:17)

Do good. Change lives. Expect a fight. Be confident that in the end Good will win.