It’s Not How You Start That Matters

It’s Not How You Start That Matters

A few years ago the church I was attending showed a video of a busty, blonde lady giving her testimony on a Sunday morning. Just a few weeks earlier her life had been in shambles and her marriage nearly over. But she came to our church and her life and marriage were saved. People applauded, some cried. We were all ecstatic about this new beginning, especially the pastor.

A few months later it came out that the pastor was having an affair with that woman. The lady’s husband sued the church, the pastor fled in shame, and things got really messy.

That experience caused me to get a little wary about touting overnight change in people. Especially after I watched the hard journey of a friend of mine who came to Christ a few years later. Her transformation was a slow, hard battle. Those stories of overnight change made her wonder what was wrong with her. She’d take a step forward then fall back three steps. But she pressed on and the results have been amazing – but it wasn’t quick.

King Solomon said, The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. (Ecc. 7:8)

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and time is the ultimate truth-teller. We should always celebrate other peoples’ victories, but if victory in your life isn’t coming as quickly as you had hoped, don’t get discouraged. Everyone’s journey is different and often times things aren’t quite as rosy as they appear to be in other peoples’ lives.

If the weight isn’t dropping in spite of all your work. If your church isn’t seeing explosive growth. If your business still isn’t making the profits you had hoped. If the bad habit isn’t miraculously disappearing – don’t give up. Stay the course.

How you finish your race is way more important than how you start (or even how things go down in the middle of the race). Things may not change overnight, or maybe they will, but make sure you always stay focused on ending strong. That’s what really matters.