How to Know You’ve Really Arrived in Life

How to Know You’ve Really Arrived in Life

Flying home from Israel last week I cashed in some frequent flier miles and upgraded to business class on Swiss Airlines.

The plane was divided into lots of small sections. I was delighted that my section, two from the front, only had nine seats in it. I had an entire overhead bin to myself. My seat could flatten to a narrow bed. As soon as I sat down a flight attendant offered me coffee. I could get used to this. I could hear all the economy people struggling behind me. I grinned. I’ve waited a long time to travel like this.

About five minutes before scheduled departure that coffee caught up to me. The lavatory closest to me was occupied, so I went up into the next section. Stepping into the front section of the plane I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were four mini-suites with huge beds, enormous TV screens, and mini-sofas. Just before I got to the lavatory a male flight attendant stepped in front of me, pointer finger raised.

“Zees is not your toilet. You must go to zee back vith all zee business class people.”

I lowered my head and obeyed. Back in my seat I couldn’t shake the envy. I really thought I had arrived. But there was another class I didn’t even know existed on this plane. Now my seat, which what just a few minutes ago seemed like aero-paradise, felt like second class, or even worse, economy.

That little incident reminded me of something: Envy is poison. There will always be someone who has bigger, better, or cushier than I do. Envy poisons our contentment with what we have right now because we are focused on what we don’t have.

For the record: Gratitude is the cure for envy.

Don’t let envy steal your joy. Be grateful for what you have right here and now and you really will have arrived.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thes. 5:18